Probing Jupyter

Final Results (I Think) For Hematodinium BLAST

Again, this all refers to my project to locally blast hematodinium transcriptome data against the Swiss-prot database

I got some help in the morning lab meeting, and learned how to get Jupyter Notebooks to accept Unix commands! Just gotta start each cell with ! or %%bash. Once I learned that, things got a lot simpler. I spent a while screwing things up in Jupyter (kept accidentally running cells by pressing shift+enter), but eventually got all the code for the hematodinium blast written out. Then I ran the blast, linked my new github repo, and boom - final results produced!

As before, I ran two separate blasts - one with a value of 1 for max_hsps, the other with no specified max_hsps value.

Now that I know how to use it, wow, Jupyter is pretty fantastic. Love how easy it is to go back and edit the code! Very impressed, excited to learn more.

Written on September 22, 2020